Senigallia hosts the XV edition of Pane Nostrum

1' di lettura 04/09/2015 - Bread is one food that never misses on the tables on Italian families: Senigallia pays homage to it thanks to “Pane Nostrum” the bread festival that this year also includes free tasting.

Senigallia hosts the XVedition of Pane Nostrum, a festival where bread is the absolute protagonist with its different forms, yeast, and flavors. From September 17th to 20th Piazza del Duca is going to host the open-air-oven where professional and international bakers are going to prepare their specialties.

Moreover, this year, attenders will have the chance also to taste the several different varieties of bread by using the all five senses. The main goal is to show that eating a loaf of bread not only involves our mouth, but also our eyes, nose and hearing.

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