Senigallia takes part to a worldwide fencing flesh mob

1' di lettura 03/09/2015 - After the great success of the first edition, on Sunday September 6th Montignano Fencing Club takes part to the biggest Flash Mob worldwide.

Day: Septeber 6th; location: Rocca Roveresca castle; time: 6 pm. Reason: the second edition of the worldwide Fencing Mob. Everything is set for the second edition of this Flash Mob that will involve athletes from all over the world. The fencers will parade in the most representative locations to bring fencing outside the gyms and to promote it to the public.

In particular, in Senigallia, the parade will end at the Rocca Castle, where the fencers will take part to an exhibition that will be recorded by cameras and used to create a worldwide documentary.

According to the organizers, the Scherma Montignano Marzocca Senigallia Club, the main goal is promoting a sport that internationally sees Italy at the top of the ranking.

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