Senigallia hosts the Ice-Cream Festival

1' di lettura 21/08/2015 - From August 20th - 23rd Senigallia hosts the Gelato Festival (Ice-cream Festival): the best international ice-cream makers compete in the creation of the best ice-cream flavor. And the best part is that you are the judge.

Eating ice-cream is the best part of the summer. And if the ice-cream is made with unique and extravagant flavors, created by international ice-cream maker just for you...well, this sounds – and taste - simply AMAZING!

This is the spirit of the Gelato Festival: a free event where one can buy a 10-euro-card and try five different scoops (a single cup with one scoop). For the most eager and gluttonous, a sixth scoop is given for free only after voting for the best flavor (among the five). Also a 6-euro-card is available for a 2+1 combination.

At the end of the Festival, the flavor and ice-cream maker that will obtain the highest number of votes, will be elected the winner of this edition and leg. He or she will join the other winners (of the legs of Naples, Bari, Milan, Turin, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Valencia, Palermo, Catania, Viareggio and Riccione) at the European final in Florence on October 14th.

The stands are open from 16 to 24; the program offers several exhibitions and workshops.

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