Senigallia is the new vibrating heart of the Marches

Rotonda a Mare 1' di lettura 22/07/2015 - “Anyone who has passed a few hours in Senigallia during the last weekend would agree with the fact that our town is a lively town, a vibrating heart from the town center to the seaside promenade”

This is the result of the long and intensive endorsement of Senigallia municipality in order to provide visitors and citizens with a large and wide offer of events; everything under a common denominator: quality and perspective.

Mayor Mangialardi underlined that “the main aim has been to create a long-term project that would help Senigallia to improve year after year. Without a project, none of the events that has been held in Senigallia could have reached the high standard of quality that characterized them”.

So, project, quality and finally, diversity. In fact, last weekend, the Velvet Beach hosted three events that has nothing in common among them : the X Masters Award (focused on extreme and alternative sports) Bacajà! (the festival of local and international popular theatre) and finally the Demanio Marittimo Km 278 (a two day festival about art, design and style on the beach).

To sum up, Senigallia has been improving its tourist offer season after season and become the real vibrating heart of the region.

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