Burlesque and TV performer Eve La Plume is the new host of the XVI Summer Jamboree

eve la plume 1' di lettura 14/07/2015 - Eve La Plume has been nominated the host of the XVI edition of the Summer Jamboree Festival. With her proverbial irony and elegance, Eve is going to present the concerts and the exhibitions on the main stage at the Foro Annonario.

Without any doubt, Eve La Plume is the most famous Italian Burlesque performer. She has even appeared on famous Italian shows such as “Chiambretti Night”, "Porta a Porta", "Maurizio Costanzo Talk", "Lady Burlesque", "Lucignolo" and”Detto e Fatto” where she was able to conquer also the most traditional and puritan audience of the Italian State channel. Recently, Vanity Fair not only wrote a 5-page-article about her, but it also named her “The Queen of Burlesque”.

Beauty and sensuality are not her only weapons: Eve's secret stays in her irony who is able to conquer her public.

At the XVI edition of the Summer Jamboree Festival, not only is she going to present the exhibitions of the main artists of this edition, but she is also going to perform at the Teatro la Fenice during the Burlesque Show on August 7th.

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