The Summer Jamboree presents the 2015 edition at the EXPO

summer jamboree 2015 1' di lettura 14/06/2015 - The Summer Jamboree Association joined Senigallia Municipality and Region Marches at the USA Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 in Milan: and the party began straight away!

From the Italian Pavilion – that hosts also the Region Marches area – Angelo Di Liberto, director artist of the Summer Jamboree Festival, together with Eve La Plume, I Cialtrotrio & The Big Band moved to the USA Pavilion to join a very straightening swing concert.

They were joined also by Enzo Arbore, Ambassador of the EXPO and of tone the biggest friend of he Summer Jamboree itself. The famous Italian TV and radio presenter decided to record also a Streaming live session that is already available on his web channel, on Rai Expo channel and on the Summer Jamboree web page.

The Cialtrotrio & The Big Band played all along providing the international public of the USA Pavilion with an unique sound track from the 50es. Eva Plume, the official host of the 2015 edition of the Summer Jamboree Festival, interviewed Arbore and gave a first glimpse of the new postcard and the program of the festival.

The new image of the official postcard portraits Piazza Roma with the famous Neptune fountain. To complete the image, a father shows the poster of Gary U.S Bonds - the artist who is going to perform on Friday August 7th - to his son in an extraordinary joyful atmosphere.

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