The Pink Night arrives in Senigallia

1' di lettura 16/04/2015 - Senigallia joins Pesaro and Fano in sharing the “Pink Night” in Marches. Thus, on July 3rd the Adriatic coast will turn completely pink for one of the most awaited summer event.

Now it is finally official: the “Pink Night” (la Notte Rosa) - that has been so far a bedrock of the summer on the Rivera Romagnola – arrives also in Senigallia.

In fact, thanks to the agreement between Marches and Emilia Romagna, this summer the Pink Night will embrace also Gradara, Pesaro, Tavullia and Fano. The agreements is part of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the night that revolutionized the Julys of the Riviera.

A night of big concerts and events all along the coast and the hinterland that will help to booster the summer along the norther and central part of the Adriatic Sea.

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