Lorenzo Marconi wins the prize as the most original mask at the Venice Carnival

1' di lettura 17/02/2015 - Lorenzo Marconi conquers the Venice Carnival with the costume “Mosieur Sofà and Mademoiselle Cocò”. After 2013 success, Lorenzo wins the prize as the most original mask.

“Mosieur Sofà and Mademoiselle Cocò” stars a doll named Cocò in honor of the French stylist Chanel. But more than a mask, Lorenzo Marconi's creation is a true fabric and metal architecture that has mesmerized Venice Carnival jury.

So, after the unexpected triumph in 2013, Lorenzo has gained for the second time the prize as the most original mask of the kermesse.

But Lorenzo an his stister Anna - with whom managers "Orienta Express shop in Senigallia - have already won several other prizes all around Italy: in 2012, for instance, they were awarded the prize as the best Italian mask thanks to their creation “Il diletto di sua maestà” (Your Majesty Delight) and in 2005 with “La Donna Cannone”; in 2004 in Venice they triumphed thanks to a “Pinocchio” - inspired-mask; once again in 2007 thanks to “Viaggio sull'Orient Express” and finally in 2009, they reached the second position in Venice with the “Il Sarto di Versaille” costume.

As tradition wants, all the costumes have been presented in Senigallia at the Fenice Theatre before their big debut on the Carnival scenes.

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