The balloon of peace arrives in Hungary

2' di lettura 02/02/2015 - “Héliumos lufin kaptunk Olaszországból üzenetet”: this is the incomprehensible sentence that on Sunday, February the 1st appeared on Senigallia Azione Cattolica Facebook Page.

Behind the sentence, there were two pictures of a little paper wrote by a Senigallia local young boy named Lorenzo who, on Saturday, took part to the Festa della Pace at Piazza del Duca, a meeting to promote a message of peace and hope.

During the celebration, hundreds of local young boys and girls wrote their messages on little papers under the title of “My Message of Peace”; then they laced the paper to a balloon and all together released the balloons into the air.

In particular, that day, the wind was so strong that Lorenzo's message ("Peace is impossible to achieve unless all of us put effort into it") reached the town of Kocsér in Hungary after flying for nearly 683 kilometers.

There, a young boy called Roland Kiss found it, and after taking a picture of the little paper, he posted it on Facebook. “A balloon with a message arrived from Italy” wrote Roland, and tagged also the Azione Cattolica whose name appeared on the paper. When the news reached Lorenzo, the little boy was mesmeraized and hardly could he believe that his ballon had flied so far away from Senigallia.

So, in a era when the web and social medias allow people to reach - in a fraction of a second - thousand of people all around the world, the story of Lorenzo and his balloon stands up for its great sense of emotion and for its beautiful message: no matter your nationality, no matter your culture, be a person of peace.

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